What is Buddhism?

For those who may not be aware, my best friend and partner passed away in 2019.  In a sad and 100% avoidable situation.  Particularly, as I thought my partner, Kristine, had alot of song left in her.  She was a very talented artist, and I hoped she would get her art out there.   I also thought for her, the creation of art may be therapeutic.  And help her to get back to what she loved and be happier.  

Unfortunately, That did not happen. Instead, I had to watch my best friend lose her mental and physical capabilities until her body could not sustain.  My fearless leader, and the best person I have ever had in my life, snuffed out.   Bad decisions and ego cutting her life in half

So, to the subject of this blog post, "what is buddhism?"

Well quite frankly, I dont really have a clue, Im not Buddhist.  

And While Im not Buddhist, I do think my answer is an example of Buddhism, Or the heart of Buddhism.  The spirit of Buddhism.     

I do have alot of Buddhist Friends, and I think Buddhism is really about "just being."  And you get to choose the word that follows "being."  You can "be" anything: 
- mad
- happy
- satisfied
- unsatisfied

 So, to answer the question, What is buddhism? 

Well, I dont know, but Im pretty sure its an optimistic philosophy.   Allowing participants to choose their own adventure.... Or at least how they perceive it.

As compared with other religions which seemed to be steeped in dogma, and other things which have no 

April 26, 2021 — ryan lutz
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