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Did you know, Carmen Herrera is the oldest active artist, working at age 105??  (Not the interesting part.)
She one of the most celebrated contemporary artists and shown by the prestigious Whitney and Lisson Galleries.  Auction prices at $500k and up!😀.
But  the truth is, she was a "failure" for many years, not selling her first painting until 2004.  At age 89!! 😳
She was a contemporary of Frank Stella and Ellsworth Kelly.  Arguably, creating superior works, before many of her contemporaries who found great success. 
She toiled for 7 decades, being cold shoulderer and denied showings.  Until she   rose to the top of the art world.  
Which Begs the questions.  How does that work?  Unknown for 7 decades,  and magically   "fantastic?"
Did the Art world suddenly appreciate that style?
--->NO,  Others got famous in the near exact same style, in the same era.
Was it discrimination for Cuban Heritage?  Maybe
Poor marketing her stuff as well? Maybe
Or was it the female thing causing problems?    Carmen has told stories of female gallerists refusing to show her work, "because she was a woman."   Id assume that was the biggest problem.  

No matter what business you are in, politics and BS are always a factor.  
Most of the time, politics is THE factor that determines success. 

What do you think?  

In Carmen's case, her works were destined for the garbage after her passing.  Instead, they are now being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars...  Just because one individual noticed her talent!

What does this story say to you?!?!
carmen herrera blanco y verde, sunday, more yellow less green

carmen herrera cuban artist 105 years of age

carmen herrera artist youthful picture

March 27, 2021 — ryan lutz