We jumped  in an Uber to shop for art.  But first, we "googled" Miami Art Gallery.  

And what we encountered was disappointing.   Miami  offers some of the strongest art programs in the world.   Yet Google suggests lackluster galleries, many exhibiting artists with no connection to Miami.

Why did Google send us to  less desirable, tourist venues? 

Everyone want their website in the #1 position on Google because you get hundreds, maybe thousands of new visitors, daily.

The process of getting to the top of Google is known as SEO, search engine optimization.  And it is near impossible for any gallery, artist, or blogger to get to the #1 position on Google.  

However, Eater.com was able to crack the code, receiving nearly 15 million hits per month.   

xzib.com goals

Right now, there are approximately 72,000 searches per year in Miami Dade county,  for art gallery.  People in Miami, actively looking for art galleries. Some are looking to visit a museum, others are serious collectors looking to invest in Miami's world class contemporary art.  

The goal of xzib.com, creating an Eater.com, but for contemporary art. Stewarding those Google searchers to the right place.  Helping the serious collectors find the best galleries and directing  the others to the best museums.  

All content from the perspective of the people most knowledgable, the artists, bloggers, curators, and galleries in that city.  Giving Google users an authentic  introduction to your cities  contemporary art scene.  

Click the icon below to read my "white paper" titled Artsy, Eater, & saving the culture."   This will open a Google doc link.