Abstract, pink, XL CONTEMPORARY PAINTING, [Vatican (matte) by ryan lutz].  This contemporary painting is vatican Inspired, reminding me of happy times with my former partner, Kristine moore.

Below, the girl on the right with the glasses, she is our tour guide.  And people had come throughout the world to get INTO the vatican.  And instead of taking us inside, our tour guide was showing us pictures from a book.  Outside of the Vatican Museum.  

The guide was stalling, to let the crowd thin out.  Venturing across the world, to be standing outside, looking at a small book with 20 strangers for 20 minutes.   It felt like we were on candid camera.  Later, the tour guide completely skipped the Matisse Room,  and we decided to do our own tour from that point on.  

We were not supposed to be taking photos, in the sistine Chapel, but I did anyway. In my transfer painting, the Sistine chapel ceiling takes up much of the left side, and I included the image of God and Adams  fingers touching, in "creation of Adam"  Can you find it?

sistine chapel, self portrait, Ryan lutz

In my painting, bottom left is flowers, and the bottom right is the sculpture from the Vatican lawn.  called sphere within a sphere, by Arnaldo Pomodoro The pink in the bottom right is a pink dress Kristine was holding while shopping.  

This Painting is very pink, because red and pink is the most predominate color in the vatican.  It all felt very warm tone to me, as did this period and time in my life..  

41x48" transfer drawing on textured european cotton rag