This piece is an abstract, red, XL CONTEMPORARY PAINTING, [the cars drive, 2020 framed by ryan lutz].

We offer European cotton rag fine art prints of all original art. Various sizes and museum quality framing to complement your decor, and budget.

Of all the bands I love, the Cars are not at the top of the list. But what they are,ย ย a reminder of tenacity, and sticking with a goal. ย Because their band failed for many, many years. ย ย Trying various styles before finding success, and becoming one of the most well known bands from the 80s.ย ย 

This piece was inspired by Heartbeat city album cover by the cars. ย 

So this piece speaks to success. ย ย The Cars song "you might think" is a reminder of my youth and excitement I felt way back in the 80s watching MTV. ย I hope it brings you a little nostalgia and excitement too!

โ€œyou might think Im crazy.โ€
72x48"Transfer drawing, watercolor, chalk pastel, art book