Neon, pink, orange, Apple computers inspired  XL CONTEMPORARY PAINTING, [sharp, 2020 by ryan lutz].
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big sur wallpaper

Im a big fan of apple computers, and often think about the massive contribution they made to the world.  Led by Steve Jobs, APPLE computers and their employees have truly changed the world and pushed the envelope forward, increasing Culture and pleasure for people across the world.  They simplified the the UI on computers and phones, making it easier for everyone to grow their impact on the planet.  

This piece Sharp, was inspired by color palette of Apple mac Big Sur wallpaper.  You can see the orange, pink, yellow, and blue reflected in the contemporary painting are the same colors as the Mac Big sur wallpaper.  I look forward to creating more Mac wall paper inspired art pieces which you can see here.  As of year end 2020.  there is only one piece.  

Dunning Kreuger is a concept that speaks to incompetence on a subject. And generally people who are most incompetent, are the least able to realize how incorrect they are.  This piece was inspired by frustration around election time. Seeing that many people with strongest opinions, are often the most uninformed on policy.  And that was the inspiration for the inscription.  

44x44" acrylic, watercolor, transfer drawing on cotton rag