This piece began with the goal of creating a stained glass window aesthetic.  A piece of art resembling the portals to the outside world , which i enjoyed looking whilst trapped in the many church services.  I was always mesmerized by these works of art.  The stained glass was one of the few redeeming facets of my church experiences.  

Now, to be clear.  I do think Jesus was a real person.  I dont identify as christian.  (And even if I did, I would not admit it, given the ethics of most christians ).   I  DID think that Chrisitianity, and all religions, are for the greater good.   But, after this past 6  years, my outlook of Christianity is much more bleek.  

SO,  the week prior, I had seen a friends wife making vague and un-substantiated claims on Facebook.  My friend being someone whom I hold in extreme high regard.   One of the few christians who I always found to be good and sincere.   And to see his wife online, promoting vague and  paranoid conspiracy theories...  Well, this was very disappointing.  

To take it a step further, the narcissism she expressed was beyond comprehension.   She was essentially suggesting that her views were the absolute correct views.   I ALSO see many Christians claiming they are  under attack by outside forces, particularity social media sites.  Despite the facts showing otherwise.  

Christianity has been in a down slide in USA for many years.  Attendance is down.  People identifying as christian is down.  Id say that christianity DOES have a problem....

And I think that problem is not outside, forces.  Id suggest that the christian church is being destroyed from the inside.  People like my friends wife, promoting discord, based on sheer conjecture.  I think this delusion and manipulation has become pervasive in christianity.   And that is why I would be scared to take my children to church.  

44x44"watercolor, dyes, 1930's book, msa varnish, on cotton rag.