Abstract, blue FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY, [rosa parks close blue, 2020 by ryan lutz]

This is a photo of my former partner in Nashville on Rosa Parks boulevard.  Like Rosa Parks, my partner was a strong, intelligent woman.   In the original photo, the bricks sidewalk and road are very WARM and tone on tone.  The COOL light blue sky lies in juxtaposition with the Warm colored concrete and bricks.  Both warm and cools tone being light, making a very peaceful and zen fine art photograph.

I find the composition of this piece very interesting.  The imbalance of the concrete to sky ratio.  The lines on the sidewalk, and the semi parallel lines of the light pole.  I thought all these came together in a beautifully complex imbalanced piece.  Like much of the photography, I think this piece has alot of action, and movement.  

I see the original fine art photography going into any situation where peace, and relaxation is needed. A bedroom, or living room, or as a stress reducer for an office.  The pink version is kinda obnoxious, and fun.  The blue version brings the sky color up to an interesting shade of blue, which is fun.  

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fine art print on textured cotton rag