Abstract, pink fine art prints, [pollock? Pink, 2020 by ryan lutz].

Women are grossly under represented in fine art.  Do you think that is odd?

In my humble opinion, women have a higher sensitivity and emotional makeup.  So, logic would say they could channel those into making passionate art, and being more successful as artists..  And that is not the case.  Women are grossly less under represented at all levels of art.  


Women artists earn 74% of what men earn. LINK
The highest selling artwork by a man is 400 million higher then the highest by a woman.  (georgia O'keefe versus leonardo da vinci) LINK 
11% of acquisitions by top 26 museums were by women. Link

OTHER VERSIONS of the Contemporary painting.

pollock original(yellow)LINK
pollock (pink). LINK
pollock (dark pink) LINK
pollock (powder blue)LINK

cotton rag print-watercolor, acrylic, MSA varnish