This piece is an abstract, blue, yellow,Ā fine art prints, [im out (invert), 2020 by ryan lutz].

We offer European cotton rag fine art prints of all original art. Various sizes and museum quality framing to complement your decor, and budget.

I love strong, and smart women. And this series is a head nod to the women whose competence match their fierceness. Obviously this is about walking away, and knowing when. Likewise knowing when to push through the challenges and NOT walk away. Ā I think the ad in this artwork is from perhaps Gucci or yslĀ 

This Ā original paintingĀ  in blue Im out, 2020

This Contemporary Painting has several heavy coats of varnish, giving it color stability. IT is advised to exhibit this piece without a frame. Direct museum putty to a wall is recommended. Ā 

Fine art print- originalĀ 19x12ā€ gel transfer , watercolor, msa varnish