This piece is an abstract, blue, XL CONTEMPORARY PAINTING, [hatchett job, 2020 by ryan lutz]. ย We offer European cotton rag fine art prints of all original art. Various sizes and museum quality framing to complement your decor, and budget.

2020 Transferred photography, Native American headdress from The Nelson Atkins and drone photography from North Captiva. I often think about the wonderful Florida coastline, and how this was all Indian Land. And how the indians got kicked off, and given a shitty casino. Most indian communities beingย plagued by poverty, addiction, and hopelessness. ย Yet they are the rightful owners of the most valuable thing in the world, USA land.

Welcome to pro business Florida. where the guy who purportedly "took responsibility" for one of the largest medicare de-frauding, became the governor. ย Instead of a 20 year prison sentence, he got 300 million. ย Life is bizarre sometimes. ย How does someone who oversaw Billions stolen from tax payer,ย an admitted criminal , become governor!!

44x44" Transfer drawing, chalk, watercolor, on Canson Edition Cotton rag