This piece is an abstract, large, multi color blue, pink, yellow CONTEMPORARY PAINTING, [Disney 2020 by ryan lutz].

We offer European cotton rag fine art prints of all original art. Various sizes and museum quality framing to complement your decor, and budget.  If you want an original piece, there is a smaller version of this which is very similar.  (smaller version of disney)

Having been fortunate to have traveled and seen some great places. Xmas in venice, watching real madrid's reception after championship on ciebeles square, watching the xmas parades in sevilla, and the Vatican Museum! And one of the best experiences I had was in florida, at disney. And being able to watch a child enjoy disney is at the top of my list for life experiences.  

So many people gauge their happiness by getting "stuff."  They think (the watch, the car, the house, the trip to europe, the girl/guy) will make them happy.  And it rarely does.  And its usually the little, inexpensive things that create the most impact and meaning in your life. Sure, I enjoyed trips to europe, mx, south America.  However they were not more important than a humble trip to disney land and watching a childs joy.  

It has been my experinece that unhappy people, will not be happier, even when they get the stuff.  And that is why its important to not be selfish, and prioritize the right things in life.  

This piece is a collage from various photos from Disney.  The little girl looking at Mickey and Minnie at Magic kingdom, the teacups, the little girl again, with beauty and the beast. The blue in the center, which I think was the controversial Song of the South.
Initially the name was going to be road to happiness.  But, I thought that may be too cerebral.  Like most of my ryan lutz contemporary art, there is alot going on symbolically.  That said, this piece is mainly about childhood joy.  

29x44" photography transfer print on Cotton rag, watercolor