*This is a double sided piece of Contemporary art.  This piece is a LEANER.  Much differnt from other art for sale in our contemporary online gallery.  This is designed to be casually leaned against a wall, or perhaps sat on a bookshelf, cabinet, our counter.  Both sides of the art having unique colors and images, to fit your decor, or even your mood.  :)

This piece has the pomellato box, which Is a common theme in my art.  The box being a piece I scanned in, and created a collage design  using photoshop, that looks like a lotus   There are about 5+ pieces which contain pomellato jewelry, or were inspired by pomellato and they can be viewed hereThere are also images from cuba from Carol Highsmith.  And the pink image below the pomellato boxes is also a recurring theme in my work.  Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance is classic book about life, mental illness, perseverance, and finding hapiness.  Or, more appropriate to say, being happiness.  ITs a quite inspiring story beyond the book. The author having failed for so long, until this book was finally given a chance, and it became a smashing success.  Anyhow.  

This piece of contemporary art is quite minimal, and tasteful that could wok in many different environments and settings.  ITs very rigid and durabale and has a heavy coat of MSA varnish to make it resistant to light and humidity damage.  

30x9" Di bond, cloth, watercolor, transfer drawing, MSA acrylic