This piece is an abstract, pink, blue, FINE ART Photography [carot tye dye, 2020 by ryan lutz].
We offer European cotton rag fine art prints  of this piece in multiple colors.  This piece is a photo of Mcgregor Boulevard in fort myers, florida.  To generate fine art photography is not hard with such a pretty drag, and the palm trees.
And This was a casual capture for my sony mirrorless and I decided to make it abstract and really change the colors.   It kinda has the TRON vibe, if you remember that arcade game from the 80s.  This image could work great in portrait or in landscape.  You can click on any of the below to see other color versions.  

carrot Blue HERE
carott fuscia HERE
carott (orange) HERE
carott Invert (pink/black) HERE
carott- tye dye HERE
carott- pink HERE

fine art print on textured French cotton rag