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This piece is an abstract, pink FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY, [arcade nashville pink, 2020 by ryan lutz].

Arcade Nashville Versions
Arcade Nashville- PINK abstract
Arcade Nashville-RED abstract
Arcade Nashville -GREEN abstract
Arcade Nashville - Blue (original)

Arcade Nashville
This fine art image is  part of a series of 4,  fine art photography  images of Nashville Arcade.  The arcade blue being the original, non abstracted. The red, green, and pink being the color abstracted versions.     This contemporary art image is powerful in composition and content.   I personally love the glow of the hall, and the american flag subtly hanging.  

This piece has  special meaning, and symbolism in many ways.   Upon graduation as a chiropractor, this was one of the first office locations investigated, with my then girlfriend.   My more recent girlfriend, Kristine,  took me to Nashville on surprise trip.  For my 40th birthday, she booked the hotel directly across from the Arcade.  Which brought me thinking about life,  choices, and how little decisions determine large outcomes.  And how my path had led me there, with Kristine.  
Artistic Intent
Having traveled alot overseas, the flag has come to mean more.    I was grossed out how it is now envogue for people to trash america.  Both democrats and republicans.  For example the "MAGA, make america great again," is in and of itself,  shitting on america.  Its the opposite of patriotic, suggesting there is a problem with America.  They type of thing which ONLY attracts emotional and ignorant thinkers.  This photograph is an invitation to look at the entire picture.   All the way down the hall of your life.   To that end, I really like the long hall, and the glow, with the american flag in there.  its pretty cool. 

fine art print on textured French cotton rag