Abstract, blue, xl CONTEMPORARY ORIGINAL PAINTING, [alone, 2020 by ryan lutz].  We offer European cotton rag fine art prints of all original art.   This contemporary painting is 44x44", and its printed on Hahnemuhle william turner, one of my favorite art papers.  Various sizes and museum quality framing to complement your decor, and budget.  

Fine art from my Cape Coral, Florida backyard, this is 2 items I love.  The Blanket was something we got in Madrid from Zara .  The Bougenvilla plant is my favorite, as I photo it for my instagram.   Juxtaposition is a concept I like to play with in my art, because I think it is a nice thing to have in all art forms. Specifically, the watercolor pastels I painted,  versus the deep saturated colors of the blanket.

I shot alot of photos, and decided to use the one with the blurry blanket intentionally, giving the eery vibe. This painting is about death, and the eery fact that we are all going to die and this is my visual expression of this.  Death is a concept that terrifies me.  Not my death, but the death of my loved ones and my pets.  

Again, the juxtaposition of the vibrancy of life, with the enevitble darkening and death.  Life is short.  Enjoy it.  Do the things you love.  Spend the money on the things of value.  The trip, the art, the clothes.  Just do it.  

44x44" Photography and watercolor on Hahnemuhle William Turner cotton rag