We offer European cotton rag fine art prints of all original art paintings. Various sizes and museum quality framing to complement your decor, and budget.  This piece is an abstract, blue, and green CONTEMPORARY PAINTING, [75% by ryan lutz].  

75%.  A simple, number with big implications.     My best guess, 75% of the clothes I see Gucci putting out, are kinda ridiculous.   People would never buy 75%, were it not branded GUCCI.    15% are good and their top 10%, of products, are absolutely phenomenal.  Cutting edge, and high style.  

Only 25% of their line is really good.  And that is enough for them to be a smashing success.  And this is the pareto principle in action.    And I find that really encouraging.  Because life is hard, business is hard, relationships are hard. 

This piece of art was something I made for myslef.  A reminder to be kind and accepting of myself, and set a low expectation of 25%.  BTW, the gucci images in this piece are fantastic. The watercolor paints used, are a color study of the dresses in the gel transfer.  

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 european cotton rag print