This piece is an abstract, red, small CONTEMPORARY PAINTING, [1, (2020) by ryan lutz] and  we offer European cotton rag fine art prints of all this piece, and all original art. Various sizes, museum quality, and framing .

The lights on the right were from a nice restaurant  near, Piazza della Repubblica in florence, italy.  We made a friend of the restaurant manager, whom we visited on later trips.  He went on to become the director of the gucci muesem.  I hope to get back and visit him in italy in the future.  Nice person to talk with.  

These are a part of the small paintings collection, you can find all small paintings here.   Most of these are prototypes for larger pieces. Usually I gather and test colors, paints, transfers etc, a moving into making the XL painting

It is recommended to display this direct puttied to a wall, or to add a frame.  If shown in a very sunny area, an application of MSA varnish may be needed to prevent fading. Otherwise, the colors are not fugitive colors.  IF you want to buy art online, this is a great little abstract contemporary painting!

8.5x11" transfer drawing, chalk, watercolor