erik stafford  creative director aimclear

Erik Stafford is a multiple AAF-ADDY and ARDA award-winning Creative Director, brand strategist, author, and speaker.

Erik is Creative Director at Aimclear®, a data-driven marketing agency ranked 6X Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies and winner of 14 US Search Awards, including 4X Best Integrated Agency.

Erik has a BFA in Fine Arts from The Ohio State University and began his career as a marketer by booking and self-promoting his own solo gallery shows in Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles.

While Erik still creates artwork, he has also launched several digital training products and consulted on high-profile launches and campaigns in recent years, providing his creative expertise to foster engagement and improve conversions for globally-recognized brands.

His work has been responsible for millions in sales.


Greg Fremstad- President and founder of FrameTek, LLC.

Greg's background engineering led to the development of the frametek product which has set the standard for contemporary and minimal fine art framing.

In the framing business since 1969, Greg was on the board of trustees of FACTS (Fine Art Care and Treatment Standards), helping to develop the standards for high quality archival framing.  

Greg was honored for his "significant contribution to the framing industry."  Greg guides the framing techniques and methods here at, ensuring you receive a hand crafted properly framed artwork.   

 ryan eddy lutz

Ryan Lutz-  Museums are one of the rare places in which my busy mind feels at peace.    From good chefs, to directors, to the visual arts.  Art is what makes life worth living.   From Hickory, NC (Furniture capital of the world) , I grew up working in upholstery industry.  This is where I developed my appreciation of *good color.  

Art has always been an interest of mine, traveling internationally for many years to visit museums.    I began to notice that most galleries and artists were missing opportunities.  My partners and I formed to help artists and galleries collaborate in marketing efforts.   Unfortunately, two of my partners have passed away.   I carry on this passion project in their honor.