isabelle menin framed artwork designer bedroom
Have you ever bought a piece of art, only to realize you didnt get what you really wanted?  Our sample program is the solution to this problem.  
Allowing you to test a miniature versions of the art, so that you can experience it in your own home. You can assess the colors, in the context of the room.  

 Free Sample Program

  1.  Find a piece of art that your like. 
  2. Choose the "sample" from the drop down menu and add it to your cart 
  3. Checkout and purchase the samples
  4. Receive the samples in 5-10 days
  5. Putty or tape the samples to your wall
  6. Vibe check-  Do you like it?  
  7. Order the original

IF you order a sample, prior to ordering a piece of art, we will deduct the sample cost for every piece ordered.  If you DO not order a piece, you can return the samples(undamaged) for 80% refund! 
art consultation samples