Your success as an artist is NOT  just based on your artistic ability. --->  Soft skills, personality, and savviness are  extremely important.   Capturing attention, and converting interest is paramount.  

The goal is giving your prospective partners a chance to learn about you, at THEIR convenience.  

If you are lacking this content, it may prohibit you from developing relationships, grants, collectors, etc.   Conversely, a Candid interview allows your prospective partners to get to know you, in a manner which you can control.  

Ryan Background 

My name is Dr Ryan Lutz.   I have been conducting high quality interviews for years.  Please see video at bottom for an example of my work.  

A clinical award winning chiropractor, my education and passion is advertising and marketing.  My partners are some of the top marketing geniuses in the world.   We formed to help artists, thus multiplying their collector bases.  


    1.  Why should I do an interview?  To help your prospective partners know you better.  
    2. What will we talk about?  The questions are below.  Anything relevant you would like to discuss.  
    3.  Where will this be published?  On A unique page with your content.  
    4. What will be on my unique page?  Links to your respective galleries, your social media, and a brief text blurb for search engines.
    5. How long will interview take?  about 1 hours prep, and 1 hour on the day of interview. 
    6. Who will edit the video?  I edit the videos.  Requests for omissions or retractions can be honored. Any mistakes, noises, interruptions during the interview can be edited out.   
    7. How long will the final interview be?  30-45 minutes is a good duration goal.   Sincerely interested partners and collectors usually want MORE information.  Please advise me if you have a targeted length
    8. What makes a successful interview?  Good audio and video and a candid interviewee.   
    9. How else can this help?  I have a good technical and strategic understanding of marketing.  I am happy to field any questions.  
    10. What services does offer to artists?     Helping a tightly curated group of artist to communicate their value and offering to the right collectors, galleries, and institutions.  It is our goal to work as a pseudo-agent for our artist partners.  We offer varying degrees of engagement and support, based on your needs.
    11. How do I incorporate this interview into my marketing?  This is unique to each artist and their goals.  We will discuss this before the interview.   

What is needed?

  1. headphones with microphone (ie.  apple headphones, wired or wireless)
  2. A cell phone (to communicate with me during interview)
  3. a second device to record your audio and video (ipad, laptop, or phone) 

Have you noticed remote interviews have bad audio, video, or both?   --->   We are going to record the interview locally, on your computer, ipad, or phone.  This allows me to splice your video and my video together.  Resulting in  high quality video and audio.   This also removes any  WIFI problems,  as we are not using wifi during the interview.  

You need 2 devices.  One to talk with me, another device to record your audio and video in high quality.   YOU do not need WIFI access for the interview process.  You will need cellular signal to your phone. 


Name, age, and current city of residence?
What mediums do you work in?
Education, year?
Galleries represented by, city, state?

When did you decide to pursue being an artist?
What made you decide to become artist?

Where were you born, raised?
Do you know your heritage?
Does your heritage impact your work?

Who are your artistic influences?
Your favorite piece in your personal collection?
Favorite movie?
Favorite Band?
Favorite song?

What collection are you working on? Details?
What was your previous collection?

Do you work by collections?  What does a collection look like for you?
How do you conceptualize collections?

What is a typical (working)day for you(process)?  

What is your favorite piece which you created(photo)?
What is the piece which you have received the best feedback from other people?

Social media platforms ?

* If there are any shows, subject, pieces, etc you would like to discuss in the interview.  Please let me know.

Photos to provide (before interview)

*Please provide high resolution images as described below.  These can securely be sent to me via my dropbox link which is below.  
Images taken in Strong lighting, or in sunlight  will always yield the most high resolution.  Please provide close up images as well, if you have those.  You can provide multiple images for each piece of art.  ----> Also, well illuminated video is great too.  

  1.  A professional headshot if you have one.  
  2. A photo of your favorite piece of art in your collection(another artists work).
  3. Your favorite piece you have created
  4. You most complemented piece of art you have created.  
  5. a piece from every collection, or style in which you work.(which you would like to discuss)
  6. any other photos.   Funny childhood photos.  Art college, art museum photos, etc.

*remember, the goal of this video is to let the viewer get to know you, and your "heart."  

    DAY of interview

    1.  Lighting.-  Laptop webcams are low quality.  However, with good lighting, we can use 100% of the webcams pixels, and get a good quality video.    ---->  Please find a window to setup in front of where the light is shining onto your face.  Or, setup outside. 
    2. Webcam "eye level"-  Please place webcam at your eye level.  This will get the most flattering video of you, ie eliminate double chins.  Use books, or pillows to elevate the computer.  
    3. EYE CONTACT-   add a piece of tape, with an arrow beside your webcam.  Draw an arrow pointing to the webcam.    This will remind you to look at the camera.  This gives the appearance of you making eye contact with the people who will watch your interview.  


    4. open Recording app(MAC)

      1.  Open quicktime app.  
      2. Choose "File" in menu bar.  
      3. Choose "new movie recording."--->
      4. ******You should now see your face on the screen and a box at the bottom***
      5. Click the down Chevron on the box( pictured below)
      6. Make sure the the options checked on your computer match the options in the photo below
      7. Click the RED DOT when I instruct you.  

    dropbox upload link-  Click the dropbox logo, and this will take you to my dropbox upload page.  


    Pre interview exercises.-  Use the video below to warm up.  Or, use this method.--->  My broadcasting professor at Appalachian State University was a radio veteran who taught us a vocal exercise.  It looks insane, but it works to loosen up your vocals, so you can project your energy better. -->  DO IT. IT works!
    1.  sticking your tongue out as far as you can and
    2. stretching it toward all 4 corners
    3. making crazy high and low pitched noise.  

     Prior Interview Work