Pomellato is an italian fine jewelry brand.  Their minimal iconic jewlery pieces are iconic and beautful.  And I see them as symbolic of the power of minimilaism in design and art.  

Ive always had an attraction to womens fashion.  Not for myself, but because I like to see beautiful women made more beautiful.  And the palmetto brand is really a show stopper.  Theirs and Polly wales are my 2 favorites.  Both brands are relatively minimal, with a heavy focus on stone color.  And very HAPPY colors at that.  Which I find very attractive.  And you should check them out if you are not familiar with the brands. 

To that end, Id love to eventually carry fine jewelry on par with these iconic brands.  
Pomellato Jewlery inspired Artworks

 pomellato blue metallic 48x72" HERE

5, small drawing 8.5x11". HERE
6, small drawing 8.5x11". HERE
4, small drawing 8.5x11". HERE
lion and shark on wood 24x48" HERE

pomellato blue nudo ringpomellato ring minimal, purple stone M'Ama Non M'Ama Amethyst & 18K Rose