Palm beach island, 16 miles long and only a couple square miles.   However, Palm beach island is home to nearly 40 billionaires.  Making Palm Beach one of Americas richest enclaves, and attracting art galleries to meet the demands of affluent art collectors.   

There are 3 art areas of mention in Palm Beach.  West palm beach which is not on the island.  Worth avenue which refers to the galleries on the island, and on Worth Avenue.  And Palm beach proper, which includes all the galleries on the island, but not on Worth avenue.  

West Palm and Palm Beach Gardens.  

West Palm beach is where the most affordable artworks can be found.  Also home to the Norton Museum of Art and the Norton Sculpture Garden.  West Palm Beach art galleries are generally primary market artworks.  Primary market artworks, meaning its their first time being sold.  These are works generally from less famous artists,  making them more speculative, and affordable.  

Primary market artists are those shaping the future right now,  the Basquiats of today.   Many primary market artist  are worthy of your attention and you can check out Box Gallery for paintings, or Habatat gallery for  glass works.  Below are WEST PALM BEACH galleries.

Norton Museum of Art | Instagram
Ann Norton Sculpture Garden | Instagram
PONCE BERGA(vintage furniture) | Instagram
Mary Woerner Fine Arts | Instagram
The Box Gallery | Instagram
Habatat Galleries | Instagram
Iconic Snob (vintage furniture) | Instagram
JF Gallery & Framing | Instagram
Gallery 526 | Instagram
Paul Fisher Gallery | Instagram
Renata Fine Arts | Instagram

Palm Beach - Worth Avenue Art

Palm beach and Worth Avenue are both on the island, requiring a drive over a bridge.   Worth Avenue is home to a mix of both secondary and primary market artworks including tenured galleries such as Robert Fontaine.

"Secondary market artworks," meaning artworks which have previously been sold.  More often than not, secondary market artist sales are those of a deceased artist, such as the Warhols, the Claud Monets.    Skarstedt Gallery has represented some John Chamberlain artworks (a personal favorite), which means there are some great palm beach art galleries on Worth avenue.  Below, please find Worth avenue Art Galleries.

Adelson Gallery (Palm Beach) | Instagram
Arcature palm beach | Instagram
Ben Brown Fine arts | Instagram
Findlay Galleries | Instagram
Galeria of Sculpture |
Gallery Biba | Instagram
Holden Luntz Gallery | Instagram
Nicole McGraw Fine Art Gallery | Instagram
Robert Fontaine Gallery | Instagram
Taglialatella Galleries | Instagram

Palm Beach Art

Palm beach proper is home to many art galleries seemingly dealing more in secondary market artworks.  These are galleries on the island, requiring a drive across a bridge, and NOT on Worth Avenue.  

Aquavella is one such gallery that deals in both primary, and secondary market artworks.   Where you can acquire a Pablo Picasso or a trendsetting contemporary  African American artist such as Rashid Johnson.   Other noteworthy tenured galleries are Pace Gallery and Levy Gorvy are located in Palm beach.  To follow,  Palm Beach art galleries, those which are not on Worth Avenue.  

PACE | Instagram
Levy Gorvy | Instagram
Brintz Gallery / County Art | Instagram
Fritz Gallery | Instagram
GAVLAK | Instagram
Samuel Owen Gallery | Instagram
Aquavella | Instagram
Skarstedt | Instagram
Contessa Gallery | Instagram
Surovek Print Gallery | Instagram
DTR Modern Galleries | Instagram