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Orlando  Museum of  Art

People Do NOT  think "Contemporary Art " when they think Orlando.  However the truth is, there are several great Contemporary Art Museums.  Especially when you include Winter Park Museums.  

But lets start with the best, first.  The Orlando Museum of Art.   This Museum is absolutely phenomenal.  The content and curation level you will experience at this museum is on par, or better than the contemporary art Museums In Miami.  If Im being Honest, the current curation is more well rounded and visually pleasing than MOST of my experiences in Miami contemporary art,  over the years.  

2416 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803 
1 407-896-4231
Orlando Museum of Art | Instagram

Cornell Fine Art Museum in Winter Park

This Winter Park museum is relatively smaller than the Orlando Museum of Art.  I would guess it is about 20% the size of OMA.   However, there is some great content.  And Apparently the curator is the same for both Museums.  There were great pieces here at the Cornell Museum.  And I really Like The Cornell Fine art Museum,  it  feels more private and quaint.  I would alot approximately 60-90 minutes for this museum.

1000 Holt Avenue-2765, Winter Park, FL 32789
+1 407-646-2526
Cornell Fine Arts Museum | Instagram

Morse Museum in Winter Park

And 5 minutes down the road, you have the Morse Museum.  Now, this is not a contemporary Art Museum.  This is a glass museum, and stained glass museum.  And it is beautiful.  If you enjoy beautiful colors, and design.  You will enjoy this really great Museum.  Much of the glass work was created by the Tiffany Family, as in Tiffany Jewelry.  Winter Park is a must visit Area, when in Orlando.  And make sure you have time to visit both the 

445 N Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789
+1 407-645-5311
Morse Museum (19th century) | Instagram

Orlando Museum and Gallery FAQ

What is the best contemporary Art Museum in Orlando? OMA, Orlando Museum Of Art

What is the Best Museum in Winter Park Area of Orlando? The Cornell Fine Art Museum and the Morse Museum.  

What is the best art store Orlando? Sam Flax 1800 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32803  407-898-9785