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N’Namdi Contemporary Gallery Miami, exhibits world class African American Abstract Art.   Founded by, Jumaane N’Namdi, a 2nd generation art professional. His father running the oldest African American Run Gallery. Subject matter, can be heavy(and necessary). Talented artists make the concepts accessible and beautiful. Stephen Sengals, Ambrose Murray, Helosia Pomfret, and Neha Vedpathak are some of my favorites at N'Namdi Miami.

Francks F. Deceus

Haitian Artist Francks Deceus cites Norman Lewis and Howarddena Pindell as influneces. Limited imagery, and color palettes amplify the effect of his Work. Collected by Xavier University in New Orleans, LA, and Schomburg Center, New York, NY. (Francks F. Deceus website Francks F. Deceus Instagram)

Ambrose Murray

African American Artist Ambrose Murray is a 2018 Yale Graduate. A self taught artist, and seamstress from Asheville, Nc. Their work explores stories & spirits lost, yet still embodied in physical. Poingnant Fabrics give levity to heavy subject matter. A Phenomenal artist (Ambrose Murray website Ambrose Murray Instagram)

Rashaun Rucker

Winston Salem born, Rashaun Rucker is a highly awarded African American Artist(Maynard fella at Harvard 2009, The first African-American winner of the Michigan Press Photographer, Modern Man by Black Enterprise, Red Bull Arts Detroit micro grant, Kresge Arts Fellowship). Works featured in random acts of flyness, and native Son, on HBO. Former ISCP, Brooklyn New York resident, Rashaun works in pen, describing the permanence as something to “live with.” Often incorporating birds, channeling our ability to transcend (negative) conditioning.(Rashaun Rucker website Rashaun Rucker Instagram)

Heloisa Pomfret

Sao Paulo, Brazil born Heloisa Pomfret's creates work looks destined for top Museums. The works emote in a way that only a tenured and talented contemporary artist can. Collected by A.I.R. Vallauris Collection, Vallauris, France, CAMAC Collection, Marney-sur Seine, France and APM Gallery Collection, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mrs Pomfret calls Detroit and NYC home. Find her works at N Namdi Gallery.(Heloisa Pomfret website Heloisa Pomfret Instagram)

Stephon Senegal

Stephon Senegal sculpture’s are cerebral. Wood, photography and metal and steel,and relics of subjugation. Beatus #3 has what looks to be a steel mechanism emblazoned with the word “negro.” A remnant from our unfortunate history of Slavery? Propel the conversation forward, while bringing beauty into the world, Artist Stephon Senegal does a great job of striking that balance. See his work at N Namdi Miami.(Stephon Senegal website Stephon Senegal Instagram)

Stephen Arboite

Haitian artist, Stephen Arboite, born and educated in NYC. His works focus on the healing power of dreams, and this is evident when you view the work. Monotone, using coffee to convey these messages of healing, His works invite the viewer to participate in their mental and emotional healing, and elevating consciousness. Stephen sent you an invitation to participate at N'Namdi in Miami. (Stephen Arboite website Stephen Arboite Instagram)

Neha Vedpathak

Neha Vedpathak = GREAT color. Even pieces with much white space, have powerful and interesting colors. Her “plucked paper” began in 2009, Japanese papers with separated the fibers. She describes the laborious process as meditative, and the results are beautiful. India born and educated, living in USA since 2000’s and maintaing a studio in Detroit. Neha’s works would be on the top of the list, were I in the market. See her works at N’Namdi gallery in Miami and Simone Gallery in Detroit. (Neha Vedpathak website Neha Vedpathak Instagram)

Rashid Johnson

(1977) An African American artist raised in Chicago, residing in NYC with his wife. His wife is an artist, as is Rashid’s father. Rashid earned a BFA, photography from Columbia College Chicago and an MFA from Art Institute of Chicago in 2005. A true multidisciplinary artist, having created unique photographic development methods and embellishments. + sculpture, video works, etc. Rashid Johnson is Rock star amongst true contemporary art fans, a very collectible contemporary artist whose work you can see At N'Namdi Miami. ( Rashid Johnson Instagram)

Gregory Coates

Gregory Coates(1961), an African American Multi disciplary artist from Washington, DC. Coates was working primarily as a figurative painter, until Artist Al Loving encouraged him to expand his artistic practice into sculpture and assemblage. Gregory has also created several installations on multiple continents. I find his works beckon that of early Rauschenberg, inventive, ingenuitive, and cerebral. Stunning color palettes and juxtaposition of materials, textures. This leaves the viewer inspired and interested. Gregory Coates is obviously an excellent artist.( Gregory Coates Instagram)

Ed Clark

Abstract Painter Edward Clark (1926-2019), known for large, colorful, bold strokes. Using push brooms to achieve these results. Also, his shaped canvas(ie using a circle, instead of a square shape). Born in Storyville area of New Orleans, the vibrant spirit of the city is evident. Educated at Art Institute Chicago, and now his works art part of their Permanent collection.(Ed Clark website Ed Clark Instagram)

Nanette Carter

Columbus, Ohio Born and living in NYC, working as Adjunct Professor at the Pratt institute. She coined herself a “scapeologist,” her abstracts represent of imagined landscapes, and the mysteries of nature. Her series “Cantilevered” speaks to the social media bombardment of information via social media, and the resultant anxiety. Interesting colors palettes and juxtaposition. (Nanette Carter website Nanette Carter Instagram)

Deborah Dancy

Deborah Dancy, raised in Chicago, and earning her BFA from Illinois Wesleyan, her MFA from Illinois state. Working at “edges of struggle and discovery. I take pleasure in moving paint around until something holds my interest and interrupt any assumptions about what it should become.” Her work is clearly about the process, and letting the work happen. Light pastels, and varying gray shades are common themes whihc you can view At N'namdi.(Deborah Dancy website Deborah Dancy Instagram)

Eric Stephenson

Eric Stephenson’s Sculptures harken an industrial vibe, channeling the human form. His work in many collections, and shown at Hyndman Gallery, Lubeznik Center Michigan City, Indiana Elmhurst Museum, the Koehnline Museum, the Frederick Meijer Sculpture Garden and the Krasl Biennial Sculpture Invitational, among others.(Eric Stephenson website )

Frank Bowling

Frank Bowling (1936), aka Sir Richard Sheridan Franklin Bowling, born in Guyana, and now living between London and NYC. Bowling attended London's Royal College of Art, along side David Hockney(and apparently competing for accolades). Frank Bowlings is collected by the most prestigious galleries in the world, including Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art NYC, and Tate Gallery in London.( Frank Bowling Instagram)

Robert Colescott

African American Painter, Robert Colescott (1925–2009) was born in Oakland, California. His parents, accomplished musicians who took their chold to watch Mexican muralist Diego Rivera paint. Sargent Claude Johnson was a family friend. Drafted into the Military at 1948. Colescott had his first show in Portland in 1963. Neo-expressionist style, painting African Americans into many historic paintings. His style is thought provoking and intelligent. One Of my favoirites at N'namdi gallery. ( )

Al Loving

AL Loving(1935-2005), born in Detroit, the first African American one man show at the Whitney Museum in New york. Al loving was impassioned by the minimal, abstract, and geometric work of Joseph Albers, minimal hard edged abstract works. “only I knew it was a square, that that reference was there. That freed me to just paint and let things evolve...[The square] was pure energy and focus.” He began working with fabrics and quilt, evolving into paper. (Al Loving website )