770 NE 125th St, North Miami, FL 33161
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OPEN Wed 12-7pm.  Thur-Sunday 10-5pm.

The Museum of Contemporary art North Miami (MOCA)  🟥🟧🟡🟢🔵🟪 is the 4th best museum in Miami.  The 3rd prior Museums Perez, ICA, and Bass Museum are  different in their curation style.  MOCA North miami museum is more geared toward art enthusiasts.  Many works I  find to be more challenging than the curations in the other museums.  Ill tell you more below.     

MOCA North Miami presents contemporary art and its historical influences through exhibitions, educational programs, and collections. Inspired by its surrounding communities, MOCA connects diverse audiences and cultures 

Subject matter

The Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami is relatively smaller than the 2 predecessors.  But what it lack in size, it makes up for in impactful and thought provoking art works.   

So, a little background on myself, as a youth, I visited New Orleans and many voodoo shops.  And the voodoo imagery strikes a cord with ME.   Im presuming the artists who works I saw were perhaps Haitian or west African. So these works I find powerful.  

The MOCA seems to attract some great talent.  I wish I would have seen the show in this youtube video below, Cecilia Vicuña and also Africobra.  

Time Estimate

1-2 hours inside- Experiencing the art Exhibits In MOCA North Miami 

MOCA Tickets

Purchase Tickets in advance, to guarantee your entry.  
Admission is $10.  You can book at this link(Tickets).   

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