You need not be Kelly Wearstler to create great interior design.....   Growing up in furniture design and selling fabrics to high end retailer and manufacturers such as Forsyth fabricsLewis and Sharon, and Hickory Chair.  I learned the rules of design.  

1.  Work with samples
2.  Test your samples in context
3.  Garner opinions

Consult program

During fabric presentations, the respective companies had 2-4 designers present.  Because Garnering opinions, gets the best results.  And that Is why I avail myself to brainstorm your project.  And its easy to get your free consult.  

1.  Snap several well lit photos on your cell phone.
2.  Visit on your cell phone
3.  Click the pink button on the bottom right (at and type "brainstorm."
4.  AFTER you send the first message, a paper clip icon will appear
5. Click the paperclip icon and upload your photos.
6.  Make sure and leave your name, and number and Ill phone or call you back, after I identify the top 3 pieces I would recommend for your space.  

** IF you fill out the survey below, it will greatly help me to make the best recommendations**

Designers-  please reach out to me and say hello.  Id be happy to support you in printingframing, and finding Art options for your client projects.