61 NE 41st St, Miami, FL 33137
1 305-901-5272
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OPEN Wed-Sun 12-6pm. 


The Institute on Contemporary Art 🟥🟧🟡🟢🔵🟪 ( Design District, Miami) is the 2nd best contemporary art museum in Miami.  Second to the Perez Museum(a real close second).  Because the art curation and Quality level is neck and neck.  However,  ICA does not have some chief amenities, nor the size of the Perez. Thus the reason for the second place rating.  ICA is "better" Museum than the Perez Museum in many ways as well. Let me tell you more.  

The ICA museum is laid out very well, with a courtyard area that is stunning. The size allows for social distancing during this post Coronavirus.    Your visit can be a short 90 minutes.  There is a Parking garage directly across from the museum.  There is no Restaurant and cafe on premises, however there are great options a block or 2 away. 


ICA Miami provides an important international platform for the work of local, emerging, and under-recognized artists, and advances the public appreciation and understanding of the most innovative art of our time.

Subject matter

Miami,  is a melting pot.  And much like the Curation at the Perez, the ICA fosters a spirit of diversity and empowerment.  I personally love the energy of this new museum.   And the subject matter is more communicative and cerebral.  Luring  the viewer to lean in and ask more questions of the art,  perhaps of themself.    

In my experience, the works at the ICA seem to have more political under tones than the Perez.  And less that the North miami MOCA.   So,  the ICA in the perfect median of beauty and content.  

Time and Schedule

1-2 hours inside- Experiencing the art Exhibits inside the Perez.  One hour would represent walking briskly and not stopping.  

There are great restaurants within walking distance.  Michaels Genuine is a great design district restaurant.  Their number is  (305) 573-5550Open table 

But I HIGHLY recommend the casual CAFE style called MIA Market.  Its great, about 10 vendors.  I  get ceviche, tacos, or asian.  Its always great.