BY Appointment only, or bi-annual open studio event
+1305 482 1299
7338 NW Miami Ct.
Miami, FL 33137

Fountainhead Studios (Little Haiti) 🟥🟧🟡🟢🔵🟪 with open studio events 2x annually, or by appointment with specific artists.   ---> I attended the open studio event on May 08, 2021. Wow.  What A great Experience!  The quality of contemporary art, and energy level was fantastic.  If you are a contemporary art fan, it is highly suggested to follow them on instagram, to stay abreast of this studio of about 30 artists. 

creations that causes us to pause and experience the present, question our assumptions and aspire to a better future.

Fountainhead Residency-Started in 2008 Dan and Kathryn Mikesell have brought in 3 artists monthly to participate in a residency in Miami, Florida.  This gives the artist access to invaluable feedback, inspiration, and opportunities.  What a great concept!

Fountainhead studios-   Over 30 artists rent their own studio space, in a shared Little Haiti warehouse.   Twice annually these studios open up, inviting the public to visit.  You can click here to see upcoming fountainhead events.  IF you attend the "open studio" event, plan on spending 2-4 hours meeting and engaging with the artists.  If you are a contemporary art fan, you will have a great time at this event.  Great people and a great culture the Mikesell family has created.