Talk with any veteran fine art framer, and they will tell you that most frame jobs fail.  No big deal with a $50 dollar poster, however, with an expensive piece of art, this is very bad. 

Here are the options I offer and recommend.

1.  Go frameless.  Thats right. With the proper varnish, you can simply hang your artwork on a wall with putty, or nails.   This is the most intimate way to view art, stripping it down the exactly what the artist intended.

2.  Float mount frame and canvas are a middle ground solution.  Minimal and contemporary because you dont have a decorative frame going around the art.   You have wood or metal behind the art, which is used to mount to the wall.  And also push the piece out from the wall.  My framed dibond solution gives the appearance of floating out from the wall by 3/4 of an inch.  Which seems to make the art pop.
3.  Use a decorative frame.  Where the frame is painted and runs around the perimeter of the art.  This is the traditional frame you have been seeing in your grandmothers house since you were a child.  It looks good too, for some applications. 

Video Summary:  Contact me, and lets brainstorm the best framing solution and colors for your application.  Some jobs I do in house, others, I will refer you to you local frame shop.  But, Id love to brainstorm with you the options.   (I really enjoy that part).  

Here are instructions, click this link  HERE.