How can serve your business?

  1. Content.  
  2. Revenue
  3. Philanthropy

1.  Content Is your IG full of  spammy posts or  "professional" graphics??   People come to instagram, for beauty.  When you share beautiful images =  You win.  

Conversely, when you share spammy junk, it repels your prospects, and your friends. Would you like an easy

Share artworks you love, and  your prospects are gaining insights about  YOU.  And about your YOUR BRAND.    Making your IG less spammy, and more authentic. 

If you serve higher end clients, or art lovers,  its kinda a no brainer to share content they would enjoy.   Plus you can get paid to do it.

2.  Revenue-  Share artworks from  When a person your referred makes a purchase, you are paid 10-20% of the gross price.   

Or, donate the money to a charity you support!!   Even if you dont drive any sales, you are improving awareness for art and charities you love.  

The referral happens when someone clicks a link in your IG.  (or on your linktree, your website, email, etc, etc).  Our software takes care of the rest.  

3.  Philanthropy-  Donations events, to various non profits.  Conducted tri-annually.  My sister has spent most of her adult life in hospitals for mental illness.  So I personally choose to support  mental illness organizations.    

Even if you do not drive any sales, announcing your participation, drives MORE attention to charity. 

You get to do something good which requires little effort, and it helps your social media, artists, and charities.

 TECHNOLOGY is an affiliate business model.  Affiliate models are  used by Amazon, Ebay, Shopify.  Most "tech"companies use Affiliate models.   Here is how it works: 

  1. Apply and be approved
  2. receive your custom link. (
  3. Put the link anywhere (instagram, Facebook, Email, linktree).  

When someone clicks your unique link, our system tracks it.  IF they buy something, you get paid 10-20% of the gross purchase price!  (or you donate the 10-20% to the charity of your choice)

Track all activity in your custom dashboard!