2100 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
1 305-673-7530
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OPEN Wed-Sunday 12-5.

The Bass Museum, in its own little world being situated in Miami Beach.   If you are vacationing on Miami Beach, the Bass Art Museum is a must see.   

    The Bass, Miami Beach’s contemporary art museum, creates connections between international contemporary art and the museum’s diverse audiences. 

    Subject matter

    The curation at the Bass Museum has always struck me as a bit odd.  I remember walking in the first time, and seeing the image which looks to be someone wearing a klan hat, or a ninja suit, or is it a tin man. 

    The image composition seems akin to some renaissance work.  Yet it seems to be crocheted.  And the subject matter in the piece.  What is going on there???  --->   I just dont understand.  

    And that is how I feel about some of the pieces of art at the Bass.  They pique my interest in a WTF kinda way.  ----> 

    Did you see the photo of the 3 air conditioning units.  ---> hmm

    Time estimate

    1-2 hours inside- Experiencing the art Exhibits at the Bass Museum

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