Online art marketing is hard.  And most people make it impossible by overlooking the BIG, obvious problems.  Let me give you a marketing example. 

One of my friends was one of the primary contractors for netflix, and he did so well he was retired by age 40.  And he told a story of how a big client was losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on a paid marketing campaign.  And they just could not fix the money that was leaking out.  So, they hired my friend to come in, paid him 100k to fly to meet with them.  

And when he got there, he had to break the news, the problem was that their competition was offering free shipping.  And they were NOT. 

And if you have a problem with yoru marketing, it often just takes a brainstorm to find the leak.  

Hit the pink button on the bottom right and say "brainstorm" and write your best phone number.  And Ill contact you asap.