Exceptional musicians, talented chefs, and exquisite perfumers...  Great Artists make life worth living.    And the visual arts, are the most powerful, shaping  your lives and  future. 

Xzib.com is dedicated to connecting collectors with Museum quality worthy of your attention.  We offer print and framing and work with the best people in the industry.  

1.  Greg Fremstad-  Gregs wrote the book on Fine Art Framing.  This is known as the FACT standard(Fine Art Care and Treatment Standard).  
2.  Lawrence Voytek-  Phenomenal sculptor and key fabricator for Bob Rauschenberg for 26 years.  
3.  Ryan Lutz-  Growing up in and around furniture industry, Ryan developed a love for wood and carpentry.  

We build large frames in house.   Framing methods are created in consultation with experts such as Greg and Lawrence.    And we can source  decorative frames from almost any framing company.  And we are abreast of product lines and can make recommendations for your application as well!