Abstract, orange FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY, [ghostbusters orange, 2020 by ryan lutz].  We offer European cotton rag fine art prints in Various sizes and museum quality framing to complement your decor, and budget.  This image was captured at night in downtown Fort Myers, Florida.  I really liked the original as fine art photography, but I initially found it boring.  

I feel as if this image is REALLY active and alive in both the orange, and original versions.  HERE is what I see:  The street lamps slowly  seduce you to the end of the street, and as soon as you get there, its as if there is an avalanche of the sky thrusting you forward.  I initially thought this composition was really boring, and upon looking closer, I really loved it.  And thought it is one of the most interesting photo captures of the tens of thousands Ive taken. 

ORange versus orignal.  
The original- has this creamsicle orange glowing color from the office light, like something from somewhere else, not Fort myers.   Named Ghostbusters because the powerful sky, like the scene from Ghostbusters, where the sky breaks open.  I also Like the creamy yellow of the building on the left, and the green palms leading down the street.  

The orange-  version has this really subtle pink on the right side.  Its super nuanced, and really pretty.  And at the end of the street, a lime green.   And the street lamps, as well as the building lights are a really pretty blue.  The orange version would look killer on a glossy, or metallic paper.  The cars wouldreally pop, as would the other colors.

Ghostbusters by Ryan Lutz HERE
Ghostbusters Orange by ryan lutz here

print on textured French cotton rag, or glossy, or metallic