Abstract, large, white, yellow, iridescent CONTEMPORARY PAINTING, [chamberlain yellow, 2020 framed by ryan lutz].

European cotton rag fine art prints Or original art. Various sizes, museum quality framing.   This piece has a French cleat framing built in and its ready for your wall.

Artist John Chamberliain is one of my favorite sculptors. Have you seen his sculptures?  His contemporary art is  in museums all over the world.  They have one in Kansas city, at the Nelson Atkins which is caled "HUzzy."   The mate to this yellow piece is pink, and the sculpture is named "Miss Lucy Pink 1962."  

Chamberlain's sculptures are are made of metal from old cars and  they seem to defy logic with their silky smooth nature, otherworldly.  When you see them in person, it is as if they are sur-real, almost dream like.   But what draws me in, the colors!!    Beautiful pastels and deep saturation of yesteryear cars.  
The base paper used in this is from Index Magazine which was founded by Peter Halley who m Kristine used to work for, as one of his studio artists. He is a contemporary abstract expressionist artist. This piece is on 3/4 plywood, and heavily varnished with premium MSA varnish from Golden PAint company.  It is a very nice, and unique fine art piece that has a matching piece.  This can be purchased individually, or separately. If you are a serious fan of contemporary paintings, sculpture, or John Chamberlain, then this would make a great addition to a collection.  

These pieces are designed to be casually leaned against a wall, OR, they can be hung with the Wooden french cleat that comes with purchase.  I think you will be very happy with this purchase.  PS.  It is very heavy, approximately 20 pounds.  The mate to this piece is called Chamberlain PINK here
48x24" Transfers, acrylic, wood, Golden MSA varnish, Wood french cleat