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Rome, its one of the most historic, and picturesque cities in the world.   And I want you to have to opportunity to take a look  at my candid photography of the Pantheon,  Piazza Navona, 

ColosseumTrevi fountains, Arch of Constantine, Vittoriano.

And while I love visiting the antiquities, spending hours in and around the Pantheon.  I was mesmerized by the engineering of the Trevi fountain.  

What I really love, is looking at the people of the cities I visit. I love watching them drinking their coffee, walking their dogs and making out with their lovers.

This is the heart of Street Photography... Catching people in their most candid moments.  Capturing the passion, joy, and life of everyday activities.  2 of my favorites from this series of photos are the young lovers in embrace...   IT reminded of the Gustav Klimt piece, "the kiss."  Which is an amazing piece, if you ever get to see it in person.  

And my second favorite photo from Rome is the Street vendor selling the blue shaw outside of the Vatican.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy looking at this photography, 


October 19, 2021 — ryan lutz