interior design style metallic gold umbrella container close up

Interior Design Style,  is unique to everyone because there is no right or wrong.  Your design style is YOUR design style.   Whether you your home is filled with  contemporary artworks, or pieces or vintage pieces or antiquities.  ITS really up to you.  

interior design style metallic gold umbrella container- close up blue flower

Some of my favorite contemporary artists are Hurvin Anderson and Bob Rauschenberg.  However, their works are well outside my budget.  Even prints starting off in the $5000 price point.   And that is ok. 

I find I can still score some really great artworks, paintings, and ceramics without blowing my budget.   And you can too.   I LOVE my current collection which has been amassed over the years, and I dont feel the need to drop stupid amounts of money.  That said, some art does appreciate.   

I  have some pieces which are likely valued at 10s. or 100's of times their acquisition price.   I just recently saw a limited edition which I own, it was auctioned at Christies for about $15k.   Art can go up in value. 

Either way, Id not recommend buying art as an investment, however,  if you are dropping in the +$5k range, make sure you are buying from the right gallery.  Where you MAY get a return on your investment .  In addition to enjoying the work.  

And I want to  share some of  my favorites with you.   As well as a brief breakdown of how I came to acquire the piece.  

My fav pieces-  #1. "Umbrella Holder"

Sanibel Island, seashell capital of the world, is located on the Southwest coast of Florida.  Sanibel gives Florida residents  and tourists a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Crossing into the island, you are transported to another place.  It feels like Saint Johns, or one of the other Virgin islands. 

While Sanibel is known for their Seashells, they are not known for their great food. And one of the best that I ever experienced was   Fresh Taqueria.  That is where I scored this umbrella holder.   

interior design style metallic gold umbrella container

We were there having dinner, and I saw this vase.  And I had to have it.  I chatted with Kristine about it, to concur that it met her approval.  And then I asked the owners.  And they named a price.  

Truth is, I would have paid 5x more than what they asked.  Not because it is a special or unique piece.  Simply because I love it.  I love the metallics, the nuanced pinks and blues.    ITs really a beautiful piece, and Im so grateful to have it as part of my collection. 

Currently, you can see I use it to store cut wood.  Wood which I use for creating frames for large art works such as The Cars, Drive or Pomellato Blue.


September 25, 2021 — ryan lutz